Healing Dementia – Naturally

My mother at 90 years

My mother was an amazing woman. She was a conservationist, an environmentalist, a naturalist, and authority on foraging for wild foods. She didn’t have any letters after her name but she knew more than many who do. She was a compassionate person who nursed many a wild animal back to health. She died at the age of 92 and lived a good life up to the last three or four years. Her mind started to slip so I took her to a Chinese medical doctor who said it was dementia caused by the hardening of the arteries to the brain. They prescribed herbs but since she was not with me much of the time there was no opportunity to follow through with this treatment. Her other caretaker in our family insisted it was Alzheimer’s. The Standard American Diet (SAD) heavy in animal protein, processed nutrient deficient foods, and excessive sugar takes its toll.


Since that time a number of years ago I have been guided to create healing symbols that have proven to be effective for a multitude of physical symptoms as well as healing the cause of illness for many. A good example is my dog Roscoe, a mixed hound who is approximately 15 years old. A few months ago it appeared he was losing his mental faculties. He had a blank look on his face and failed to respond to what I said to him. He also started having a problem with defecating in the house which he had never done before. He appeared to not know where he was. Using a teddy bear as a surrogate I put a glyph for detoxification on the crown chakra along with a glyph to heal neurological problems and intended the energy go to Roscoe. A couple days later I added a glyph to heal the damaged brain. I started seeing some improvement in a couple days and considerable improvement within a couple weeks. He is now alert and responsive. The defecation in the house has completely stopped.

I have received numerous testimonials that can be found on our website at www.holygroundfarm.org/book/. There is no reason dementia has to ruin the life of your loved one if you are willing to try something totally new without judgment. There is also a glyph (symbol) that can be placed on the back of the neck to help clear the arteries of plaque. These symbols can be found in the manual Unlocking the Power of Glyphs and Sacred Symbols of Light.” These are available through our website or at Amazon.com.

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“Teddy Bear” Remote Healing

Jessie and her Teddy Bear

Last Tuesday my dog Jessie came in from outside holding her left front paw up. When she tried to step on it, she was obviously in great pain and it was starting to swell. She looked at me pleadingly to help her. I gave her one tablet of traumeel for the pain. I used Glyph #73, Tissue and Bone Repair remotely (from “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs“) and tried gently to put a cloth bandage imprinted with the frequency of Glyph #70 lightly around her leg. She kept moving and taking it off. I then gave her 2 drops of Bach Rescue Remedy and 8 drops of Valerian. She finally settled down under my desk. I put the bandage on a Teddy Bear and INTENDED the frequency be transferred to Jessie. She slept well all night.

The next morning she was still in some pain and I had to help her down the stairs supporting her with a harness. She went out to go potty then came in and slept all day. About 3:00 pm she got up and was walking normally. After dinner she went for a walk with Roscoe (my other dog) and was even trotting down the hill with us.

Remote healing works! Was it a sprain, an insect bite or what??? I will never know!

Dr. Jean

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Send Light to Troubled Countries

This is something I was told to use to help send light to troubled spots here on earth like Syria. I placed a piece of paper with the following statement on a copy of this glyph. “I intend the directive of this glyph go to send Light to every man, woman and child in the country of Egypt. I intend this continue for a period of six weeks. I intend the intensity of this glyph be magnified by 100% during this time.” I did the same for Syria. We should also do this for Obama.

Glyph 8

“This is a Glyph that can bring rapid improvement to any situation. Glyph #8 – Release all Blocks is a glyph that helps bring in the Light to any person, anywhere. Just state your intention on a piece of paper and place it on the glyph. For example you could write “I intend that the directive of this glyph be delivered to every man, woman and child in the country of Libya.” The following is the directive of this glyphs:

“Employ a golden ball of Divine energy to release all blockages of body, mind or soul that prevent the establishment of Light at the center of the core. Clear the KA Channels of any and all obstructions by transmuting the blockages to Light. Clear the genetic coding of the DNA of any genetic mutations and damage from life experiences. Restore the axis alignment to the multidimensional aspects of the Higher Self to the extent safely acceptable to the user. Employ any needed frequencies to release all denial, judgement and other blocks within the body and the auric field to allow the Light of the Creator to fill all the channels and spaces.” Please share this freely with everyone.

Dr. Jean

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Remote Healing Works

Teddy Bear Healing – Last Tuesday after my dog Jessie was only out a few minutes, she came in holding her left front paw up. When she tried to step on it, she was obviously in great pain and it was starting to swell. She looked at me pleadingly to help her. I gave her one tablet of traumeel for the pain. I used Glyph #73, Tissue and Bone Repair remotely (from “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs”) and tried gently to put a cloth bandage imprinted with the frequency of Glyph #70 lightly around her leg. She kept moving and taking it off. I then gave her 2 drops of Bach Rescue Remedy and 8 drops of Valerian. She finally settled down under my desk. I put the bandage on a Teddy Bear and INTENDED the frequency be transferred to Jessie. She slept well all night. The next morning she was still in some pain and I had to help her down the stairs supporting her with a harness. She went out to go potty then came in and slept all day. About 3:00 pm she got up and was walking normally. After dinner she went for a walk with Roscoe and was even trotting down the hill with us. Remote healing works! Was it a sprain, an insect bite or what??? I will never know!

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Book Testimonial:
How I found You and what I think of your Glyphs

The following testimonial is from the Holy Ground Farm Web site. Click here to read more of Dr. Jean’s book testimonials and reviews.“.

Dear Sirs I got your contact through an email newsletter from Metaphysical Wisdom.com (Cyndi Silva). I found your books wonderful and rich in wisdom, so I downloaded both.

As an energy therapist I found a huge source of tools that fill some gaps of my actual protocols, mostly when serious emotional issues are present. I work with chakra phytoenergetics, meridian therapy (laser, acupuncture) energy psychology, pranic healing and radionics.

Your glyphs came as being sent by the heavens. I am sure that they will help me to bring balance and happiness to many people. And to myself as well. Thank you very much! Warm regards

Amauri Schon (Maputo – MOZ)

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Book Testimonial:
Cat’s Bed Wetting Stopped with Glyphs

The following testimonial is from the Holy Ground Farm Web site. Click here to read more of Dr. Jean’s book testimonials and reviews.“.

Margie’s cat had been urinating on the bed, Margie’s clothing and anything else the cat could find to wet on. This had been going on for several weeks and had become a serious problem. When we examined a photograph of the room, there appeared to be several non-physical presences in the room. By dowsing with a pendulum, we decided to place the Entity Glyph (Glyph 61) in each of the four corners of the room and one in the center of the room. The cat began playing a stalking game with the images on the Glyphs – pouncing on them, slapping at the image with her paw and then stalking backwards still keeping her eyes focused on the Glyph. It was quite comical to observe her. After four days of leaving the Glyphs on the floor, the cat had stopped urinating on the bedding and clothing. The presences are also no longer detectable in the photos, through dowsing, or by “intuitive sight.” Thank goodness this cat and her owner will be able to remain roommates! Additionally, Margie is sleeping much better in the bedroom and says she feels generally better since the “treatment” on the room.

Sakara Kemilla (USA)

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Book Testimonial:
Amazing Results!

The following testimonial is from the Holy Ground Farm Web site. Click here to read more of Dr. Jean’s book testimonials and reviews.“.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner who was recently called upon to help a women suffering from a deep depression after receiving the news that life-threatening cancer had returned. She was in a great deal of physical pain and feeling tremendous anxiety, not sure if she should pray to be healed or to die. A friend and I combined shamanic training with the use of three glyphs that seemed most appropriate for the situation. We set the intention that the Divine love and affirmation in each glyph be placed in her heart and expand in whatever way was in the highest good of this person and All That Is.

Only a few hours later she called to say she had an emotional and spiritual breakthrough. She awakened from a nap feeling revitalized. Her depression and exhaustion seemed to have vanished. Her spiritual connection felt stronger than ever. She knew that she wanted a complete recovery so that she could have many happy and healthy years ahead.

Thank you Dr. Jean for sharing these amazing glyphs sent from the Divine. We are forever grateful.

Rev. Carol Harrison (USA)

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Homeopathic Immunizations vs Toxic Immunizations

I have been giving my dogs homeopathic immunizations for several years. It occurs to me that we could have all immunizations done through the use of homeopathy which would eliminate any hazards that now accompany the present vaccinations. This is an area that demands immediate attention before any more harm is done to our children. I know the American Medical Association (AMA) and other parts of our establishment that makes money off of the present vaccinations will be opposed to this, however, which is more important, the lives of our children or money in the pockets of the proponents of present vaccinations.

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Balanced Healing Diet

The first thing we need to do is stop believing everything we read and hear. Above all BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN DIVINITY! Know that your body has the ability to take nourishing food and convert it to what it needs. Trying to analyze where we get this vitamin or that mineral, etc. is really a form of worrying. Although some authors may be well meaning, most articles or books that are published about nutrition are a regurgitation of misinformation and sometimes outright lies that have been fed to us for monetary reasons.

Picture yourself in a remote island or village living with a group of other people who have no access to outside information. They eat fruit, nuts, greens and roots of what is available and they thrive with glowing health that far exceeds what we have in this country. Your body does not examine each type of food looking for protein or carbohydrates. It looks instead first for that food which is alive, full of the life force, nutrients and oxygen. It also looks for the vibration of color, lots of greens, yellow, purple and orange. The body then takes what it is given and converts it to what it needs. We often program our minds to worry about whether our body is getting enough of the right food causing us undo stress. The most important thing is to believe that you have the power to take what is given and convert it to what you need.

Once you pass the organic produce section of the grocery store there is little else of value. Seek out local growers who raise food in a natural way. I will not use the word organic because this has turned in to a money making term. Small local growers cannot afford to pay the price for this label. If you are open to eggs and milk, only get eggs from farmers who have true free range. Do not believe the words Free Range on cartons in the grocery store. For children, get raw organic goat milk. This may sound impossible but using the power of intention you will find what you need. Even when I was living in the Atlanta area, I managed to find a person who raised goats only a few miles from town. I then made my own yogurt and kefir.

Even if it is just a bowl of rice and beans, be grateful. Bess your food and honor it. This is VERY important. Know that you are always provided for.

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Healing Glyphs: Trust (Glyph 2)

“healing notes”
Trust (Glyph 2)
This will remove the essence of fear from the DNA and cellular memory; remove the residual effects of criticism and complaining, self hatred and judgment. It will transition to Light thought forms, entities or demons involving t…he lack of self worth or any negative perception of self. It will employ the frequency of trust in God and the Divine Plan, balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain, and establish a self renewing protective shield around the individual. Fear is the greatest destroyer. There are three glyphs in the manual that will remove different types of fear.

Dr. Jean

Glyph 2
The above information is an addendum to the books Unlocking the Power of Glyphs and Sacred Symbols of Light.
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Healing Glyphs: Fear (Glyph 5)

“healing notes”
Fear (Glyph 5)
Fear is such a major challenge for many people so there are three glyphs in the book to remove different levels and circumstances surrounding fear. The following is the programming for Glyph 5: Transition to Light any imprinting or patterns…… of fear, terror and horror stored anywhere in the body, in the genes, cellular memory or DNA. Remove fear of failure, fear of ridicule…. Instill the frequencies of love, confidence and joy, “The Universe loves and supports me,” “I am at peace,” “I am unlimited,” restoring the body and etheric field to its natural state, which is love. Transition to Light any frequencies that are not in harmony with the original blueprint. Correct malfunctions caused by fear, terror and horror. Collapse any soul programs that are no longer needed. Resolve any lingering bacterial, viral or detrimental programs to allow for expansion and growth. Remove any disembodied spirits. Incorporate all intrinsic cellular systems to adjust to new frequencies. Establish a self renewing protective shield around the individual. Call upon the violet flame to assist user in positive transformation.

Dr. Jean

Glyph 5
The above information is an addendum to the books Unlocking the Power of Glyphs and Sacred Symbols of Light.
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healing glyphs – a newsletter from holy ground farm

“healing glyph notes”
For years I wondered “Why am I here?” I knew I must have a reason to be on this earth but I had no idea what it was. I was depressed and overwhelmed with a multitude of fears. The healing glyphs I was guided to create helped me overcome the depths of my despair and remove the layers that were holding me back. The more I used these glyphs, the more I opened up to the Divine spirit than I am. You are also Divine and powerful beings and I encourge you to continue to use these tools or any other tools you have found and uncover the masters that you are. If you feel you have already achieved this status, I encourage you to pass your glyph book along to someone else who might find it useful. I am putting out this newsletter to provide encouragement and information. Let me hear from you to share your stories. Many blessings to you.
Jean Logan

Click here to view the Newsletter(s).

These newsletters are an addendum to the books Unlocking the Power of Glyphs and Sacred Symbols of Light.
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Save the Hemlock Trees

After having such great success with creating glyphs to remove sickness and emotional burdens, I realized it could work with diseases on plants. I had a plant that had scale insect disease. Scale is like a barnacle on a plant. It looks like a small turtle shell. I asked at the nursery and they said “Throw the plant away.” I decided to create a glyph that would transition the scale. Within six weeks of putting the glyph on the plant, all of the scale was dead. This is The picture of the glyph I created to remove scale (left image).

I realized that the same thing could be done to transition the insects (woolly adelgid) that are killing the hemlock trees. The one difficulty I encountered was the size of the hemlock tree compared to the potted plant with the scale. Another difficulty I encountered was the time it took to recognize if the glyph for the hemlock was working. I was advised by Spirit to put the glyph on a picture of the tree. I did this but after some time I realized it did not seem to be working very well.

I remembered something someone had told me about the effect of transmitting energy from a picture was more effective when taken with the old film type camera. I purchased some film for an old camera I had and took pictures of some of the hemlock trees. The progress of the disease seemed to stop right after I put the glyphs on the pictures. Trees that are badly diseased are still alive although all their foliage has not returned very much. After obtaining more spiritual advice, I put the name of God in Hebrew on the glyph and empowered the glyphs again telling it to send the energy out indefinitely. I have no doubt this glyph can completely eliminate this disease but I want others to find out for themselves.

Click on the this link
http://www.holygroundfarm.org/book/_saveTheTrees/index.htm) and print out the second page of glyphs. Have the glyphs laminated or protect it in some way from the weather. Place the laminated glyph outside your door directed at the trees. If you desire you can hang them or attach them to the tree. Please let me know what results you get.

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Resolving Brain Damage

In 2004 my husband Dean and I adopted Jesse, a black mixed breed dog from the local shelter. We got her to be a companion for our hound, Roscoe, who we also rescued from a traumatic existence of starvation.

Roscoe was delighted with the playful companionship of Jesse; however, one problem we immediately encountered with her was car sickness. Every time we drove even a short distance, she would get car sick. Flower remedies which were helpful with other dogs, were ineffective. As I was working with empowering symbols and glyphs, I started out to design one that would balance her equilibrium. This was no help. I designed another one to emulate the frequency of a popular over-the-counter sea sickness medication. I had been successful in duplicating the energy of different medications or herbs with glyphs on previous occasions. If the glyph stayed on Jesse, as I held her in my lap, it seemed to help, but when I put her in the back with Roscoe, she would pull it off and start throwing up again. In total frustration I finally asked for guidance. (When will I ever learn to ask for guidance first?) I asked Source for help. I received the answer that Jesse had suffered brain damage from starvation and dehydration as a puppy. I was told she could be helped by creating a glyph designed to rebuild the area of her brain that was not developed normally. I was also told I must know the part of her brain that needed help to put in the wording of the glyph. I then asked “How should I get that, dowse?” The answer I received was, “You could but I will tell you if you ask.” A good lesson here was the importance of asking for the information we want. Whenever we ask, we will always receive the answer. I replied, “I am asking.” I received a reply that the brain part that needed restoration was the cerebellum. I then created a glyph to regenerate the undeveloped cerebellum and empowered it. Dean scanned the glyph, cataloged it, designed the master catalog header, and made patches to put on the dog. In the evening before she went to sleep, I taped the glyph on her crown chakra, which is right at the top of her head between the ears. The look on her face showed me that she was feeling something strange going on but she had no problem going to sleep. The glyphs are never painful but do sometimes cause a sensation of something happening inside the body. We put the glyph on every night for two weeks. After this two-week period we noticed a considerable improvement in her car sickness but still had an occasional occurrence of throwing up when riding on a winding mountain road. We then used the glyph on her for another two weeks. It has now been at least four years since she has any had any problem with car sickness.

We must proceed with caution regarding changing people without first asking permission. I have a nephew who is retarded. I initially thought that perhaps I could help him. When I asked I was informed that I must not interfere. He had chosen to be as he is and does not desire any help. In cases like this, we must resist the temptation to “fix” someone and honor their path. It will take some further research to see how far we can take this ability, but we must proceed with caution. It would be interesting to see if it could help football players with traumatic encephalopathy which can be fatal.

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Testimonial: Glyph resolves impotence -2011

The following testimonial is for Jean Logan’s book first book “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs“. You can read other’s like it at Testimonials and Reviews

Glyph Restores Man’s Virility

I have just recently been introduced to Jean Logan’s book, Unlocking the Power of Glyphs. Having never heard of this modality of healing before, I quickly scanned through the book checking out all the different purposes for which the glyphs can be used. One in particular really “jumped out” at me, which was titled Repair Damaged Nerves. I had felt for years that I had possibly done nerve damage due to past substance abuse, namely crystal methamphetamine and cocaine, the aftermath of which left me severely unable to focus, and it took a couple years and much energy work to come out of anxiety mode. I worried about almost everything and generally had trouble just keeping on top of my game in life.

I put the glyph above my eyebrows, which is the third eye chakra, read the affirmation for this glyph and laid back for about 15 minutes. I could feel lots of intense energy as if a loving hand was holding the glyph down. After about 15 minutes I got up as it was the middle of the day and I had an on-line class to attend. I immediately was aware that I had energy but it was a calm, focused energy which I rarely had felt before trying the glyph. I found that I was alert but calm throughout the class, and then this feeling maintained until I went to bed.

I slept very well that night and was completely relaxed. The next morning I woke up feeling really good and well rested. I got up and looked at the clock thinking I had overslept. It was an hour earlier than I normally get up. I felt so good I stayed up! Then something happened that was totally unexpected, and I was not looking for this to happen. I got fiercely sexually aroused. I had not felt this way since pre-meth days, and I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I had killed my sex drive by using meth. It was back all the way. I felt like a 20-year-old again. When I did finally have an orgasm I felt it through every fiber of my being! And you know how they say, the proof is in the pudding, well, I rest my case.

I have done what I consider to be a lot of spiritual and energy work. I consider the result I got from this first glyph that I used to be one of the most dramatic and powerful results of any modality thus tried. The glyphs do exactly what it says it does. I have used other glyphs and have had equally powerful if not more powerful results which I will also write about.

To Jean, thank you for bringing this to our world when we need it most. You are truly an instrument of Thy peace.

Testimonial – Dave (Miami, FL – USA)

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Where Have All the Owls Gone?

One of the joys of living in the country is listening to the sounds of nature. A gurgling brook down the hill from the house, crickets and frogs and all the many birds are precious and delightful music. When I first started living here, nighttime was punctuated by the assorted hoots and screeches of various owls. For the last couple of years I have noticed the absence the delightful calls of these magnificent birds save for an occasional rare one in the distance. It is also painfully obvious that there is an overabundance of mice, chipmunks and squirrels in the area.

I recently spoke with a neighbor about this a few weeks ago. His regular home is in Florida and he has a cabin here in the mountains where he and his family spend a few weeks out of the year. Also distressed by the number of mice and related damage, he said that he left out a number of poison mousetraps around his cottage when he left, hoping to reduce the rodent population. When he returned a few months later, his next-door neighbor told him two of her dogs died after chewing up the poisoned bait containers he left out. He felt bad about this and we discussed how poison meant for rodents may very well be the cause of the declining number of owls and other wildlife that feed on rodents not to mention neighbors’ dogs and cats. We could not help but realize that predatory birds and snakes could eat a mouse that may have just ingested poison and worse, feeding it to its offspring.

There is no easy answer for the problem of invading mice and rats and the damage that they do but poison is definitely the wrong way to deal with the situation. Although old-fashioned mousetraps are certainly unpleasant to use, at least they do not upset the delicate balance of nature in so far as killing the predators of these rodents. I purchased an electronic mousetrap from Ace that works great and does not endanger pets or birds.

Isn’t it time we banned the use of rodenticides like Decon before more damage is done to our wildlife? This is so obvious that no proof is really necessary. Although the makers of these poison pellets would stress that they advise people to exercise caution in the storage or use of their product, there is no controlling the actions of a mouse or rat that has just ingested poison. They will be an easy target for anything that will eat a rodent. Although the poison dehydrates the dead rodent, their remains can easily be eaten by other wildlife that consumes carrion before this occurs. Carrion is an important food source for carnivores and omnivores in most ecosystems.

To all who read this article I implore you to discontinue the use of this manner of controlling pests. If you care about our Earth and its delicate balance, urge the ban of poison pellets to kill rodents. If we all speak out, we will be heard.

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Dr. Jean – This Is How It All Started – 16 August 2011

The following post is from Jean Logan’s book “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs“.


First of all, I want to explain what a glyph is. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a glyph is “a symbol that conveys information nonverbally.” One internet definition site defined it as “a symbol or character, especially one that has been incised or carved out in a stone surface like the characters of the ancient Maya writing system.”

A few years ago I received an e-mail from a friend that contained a glyph. The glyph was a small drawing of some type of insect with a wavy line around it. The author of the glyph wrote under it, “Restoring Divine DNA Blueprint”. She also wrote next to it and under it, “Star Glyph to remove Parasitic DNA Mutation that invites in entities and is an energetic link to Fear Programming. This glyph restores the DNA. Please circulate widely and reproduce freely — (Do not Alter) use with integrity. Humans were DNA altered by genetic engineering at the time of the fall of Atlantis and Babylon. A parasitic mutation attached (recessive gene) to DNA making humans susceptible to entities.” I have included a copy of this glyph below.

Star Glyph – Restoring the Divine DNA Blueprint

There was the name, Judith K. Moore, and her e-mail address on the page. I have always been fascinated by glyphs and this one was certainly no exception. I printed the page and cut out the picture of the glyph. I then thought “All right, what should I do with it?” It said “Use with integrity”, but I wondered how? At that moment I either decided or was guided to place the drawing on my solar plexus. I immediately felt a tremendous amount of activity in my liver. I would call it pain on the level of two on a one to ten scale. Not enough to have me running screaming down the street, but definitely very noticeable. This went on for several minutes, after which I did a little energy healing on the area. I tried this again the next day, but nothing happened. My husband, Dean, tried the glyph in the same manner, but did not notice anything. I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but I thought “Whatever it was, I had it, and now it’s gone.” I also thought “Whoever created this glyph with this much power, I can do that!”

A couple of years before that incident, while I was meditating, I saw a vision of a paper with writing on it. I took that to mean I should try guided writing. The next day I went out on our deck with a notebook and pen in hand. I did my best to clear my mind and started writing whatever thoughts came to me. The first page was just gibberish. On the second page I got, “We are beings of Light and we are here to guide you.” What followed was a profound writing from nature spirits. I continued to practice this and find I am now able to readily communicate with unseen benevolent guides as well as our Source. I want to point out that I am a conscious channel and do not go into a trance to receive messages.

Following my introduction to Judith Moore’s glyph, I asked my guides how glyphs are created? They gave me a brief review of how this is done. I then set about making some elementary glyphs of my own, with just some simple words: “Energy”, “Industriousness”, “Joy”, and so forth. These efforts achieved no noticeable results. I then decided that to obtain such things as joy, one needed to remove the negative emotional baggage standing in the way.

It was about that time that I received a call from my friend Kathy. She told me that three weeks earlier she had taken her dogs’ glass drinking bowl out of the dishwasher while it was still hot, placed it on the floor, and without thinking poured cold water into the bowl. It was like it exploded, she told me, with a piece of glass being driven deep into her foot. Although she was able to remove the glass, the foot was now badly infected, inflamed with considerable swelling, painful, oozing and had a foul odor. Although Kathy is a registered nurse, she knows the importance of avoiding antibiotics unless they are absolutely necessary. Knowing my background in various healing modalities, she asked me if I knew of anything that could help her foot. My first thought was a type of antibiotic herb. But then I decided I would create a glyph and program it to destroy bacteria. I asked Kathy if she would be willing to participate in a little research, to which she agreed. I created two glyphs, one that would take care of the bacteria, and a second glyph to speed healing, then e-mailed them to Kathy. She e-mailed me the following the next day. “I really think my glyphs are working! I put them on upside down on top of my dressing: bacteria killers first and then cell renewal. My foot was swollen, red and oozing to the point where I had to change the bandages at least four or five times a day. This morning, the swelling was way down, the wound look cleaner and there was practically no drainage. Also, it doesn’t burn and hurt. Wow!!!” When I spoke to her a couple of weeks later, she said the wound was almost completely healed.

When possible, try to spend at least fifteen to twenty minutes in the sun per day. Strengthen your relationship with the Creator in whatever spiritual practice you find comfortable. Read good books compatible with your spiritual beliefs.

I continued to create glyphs, concentrating on designing them to remove the negative emotions that seem to plague so many of us. All my life I have been troubled with depression and fear. I was sure that removing these disabling energies was an important step in my path. Using myself and my husband as guinea pigs, I found that the glyphs easily and effectively began removing more and more of the emotional baggage we had been carrying. Instead of waking up in the morning feeling depressed, I found myself feeling lighter, vibrant and glad to be alive during these exciting times. Being very sensitive to energy, I could feel the glyphs working. I created glyphs to remove heavy metals and other toxic matter safely from the body, with no side effects. Again, I could feel the sensation of something being drawn out of the body.

We are all a part of the energy of our Source. That means within us lies all the power we need to heal ourselves and to draw to us everything we desire. Our one failing, however, is that we don’t believe we possess that power. All the doubts, fears and negative programming we have accumulated over the years are blocking our way. We may realize this, but that doesn’t make these obstacles go away. These negative beliefs stick to us like glue. There are those who would suggest counseling to rid ourselves of this excess baggage. Although counseling has its place, it can be expensive, not to mention the time spent sitting in someone’s office while they attempt to dredge out all of the deep, dark secrets that go all the way back to before we can remember. Others might suggest past life regression to delve into horrendous lifetimes of pain and torture. Again, this might be helpful but when we stop to realize that we have had hundreds of lifetimes, we can see that may not be a very practical answer. Prayer Glyphs can remove much of whatever is holding us back. No digging into painful past memories, no expensive counseling. Finally we have the tools we need to help remove the fear, guilt, sadness, anger, resentment, or whatever else is standing in our way.

The idea of drawings on a piece of paper being so powerful that they can kill bacteria or remove emotional blockages, may seem difficult to believe. We must think for a moment of the power of the Word and the power of prayer. The amount of energy here is immeasurable by any of our standards. To those who do not believe this is possible, I quote the words of Albert Einstein, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science… He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.

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Dr Jean – Reading from Judith Moore – 2004

(This is a reading for Jean Logan by Judith Moore – 2004 Author of “Crop Circles Revealed”)

There is a new language of Light that is to come on to the planet. It is an organization of Light particles that is encoded in the vibrations you are bringing through your glyphs. Your glyphs are emanating frequencies into the Light fields of the planet. You are a being from the higher realms. You have entered the earth body from the source of the masters and you carry the master code. The master code is what has guided you and the master code is what directs you now. The filaments of light particles in our atmosphere have reached a more pure frequency. The filaments of Light particles prism energy through them to allow us to perceive reality. Throughout the history of humanity on this planet you have been present during peaks of enlightened consciousness. You are of the House of the Masters. When you were sent to earth, the temple of the masters was sent to earth for you to create the language of the masters here on earth. These masters are the masters of Divine Light. The master code is a light frequency field that practically permits a wider spectrum of color to enter the prismatic energy fields of the planetary atmosphere and be organized in a way that the beings that perceive that light can organize and interpret it as apparent reality. At times when the planet has plummeted into darkness, fear and chaos, there has needed to be a constant field of energy that in its constancy permits acceleration of the light particles when consciousness is about ready to take that quantum leap. Those constant light particles are organized in a way that permits the next renaissance of consciousness because when the next renaissance of consciousness is almost ready, you and others like you come in with the master code to facilitate the organization of light so that there is an availability for a broader spectrum of vibrational energy on the planet that facilities leaps in consciousness and renaissance…….. During the renaissance the carriers of the master code would come before the renaissance and stimulate the light fields so that they would begin to open to a wider spectrum, a wider prismatic ray. The language that you are bringing right now is a language that will organize the atmospheric particles to facilitate an expansion of the prismatic fields, and the expansion of the way we use light. There is the language of light and the organization of the utilization of light…..

You have everything to do with facilitating human consciousness in being able to utilize these light fields because you carry the master code. I am being guided to journey to the realm of the masters together…………

As you are opening up I am seeing an image of the Peruvian mountains. I am seeing star brothers. UFOs come through a stargate into the mountain. I am seeing you as a Peruvian Indian and as you are carrying a staff and climbing the mountain, you see these starships as balls of Light that go through into the mountain. You climb the mountain and stand in front of the gateway where the starships went into the mountain in Peru. From the gateway came a beam of light, almost like a lasers… opening up your master code, code of Light and you are activated in that life time as a light bearer. You came down from the mountain and assisted in building Machu Picchu. In Machu Picchu you placed lenses that would receive the sun rays that would refract the light. Your guides are telling me to go back to that portal in Peru. ……..

She went through the pineal gland portal at the anterior lobe of her pineal gland back to Machu Picchu and to ascending the mountain top where she saw light ships going through a portal and a beam of light came out and struck her and she was pulled in through the portal and when she went in she experienced beings so brilliant that normal eyes could not see them. Go back and connect to being inside that mountain and being with the light bearers. I see you there being taken to an ancient stone, and that stone has the language that you are bringing in with these glyphs and you sit before the stone, a tablet, and I see you sit before the tablet and you send a beam of light from your third eye to each of the glyphs that are on the tablet. And as you do that you are downloaded from the tablet, the glyph comes in through your third eye and into your pineal gland and then it is downloaded into your energy field, your energy body. I am seeing the light beings stand around you and tone and chant a very high pitched chant. When you are finished with one tablet, and these tablets are about three or four feet high and there are nine ancient tablets of the Peruvian Light bearers. I am being told these are the tablets of Pacal Votan. As you are in this mystical cavern, in this mystical realm, you are connecting to the light beings that carry the soul codes that you carry for illuminating the light frequencies and assisting humanity in the leap of consciousness. It is beyond humanity; basically it is about accelerating the light fields so that a new creation may be projected through the holographic fields rather than staying entrained with old behaviors and thought forms and attitudes that no longer serve the highest good. Now as we have connected on the other plane of consciousness, I want you to see a beam of light come from that plane of consciousness back through the portal of the anterior lobe of your pineal gland and into your pineal gland, into your body as you are an embodiment of your divine soul presence, and now see it projected from you to project these codes into your physical body so that you receive these ancient encodements from the tablets in South American by Machu Picchu.

You have in many lifetimes carried the light of hope and illuminated the darkness. Never underestimate the power of the hope that you carry or the power of your Light once it is given permission to act and work in your life for the unfolding of your divine purpose. Now receive that on a cellular level and instruct your neurons to make it usable information because you brought your master codes back from the mystical time when it was activated in your life in Peru and as you brought that beam of light from that dimension into your body now as you projected the master codes, you want to instruct your nervous system to utilize that energy, make it not just something that is in another dimension but something that facilitates your divine purpose and the work that you are to do here in this dimension. Where ever your physical genetic lineage comes from you are in a lineage of the light bearers that came to earth and mated with human beings. You have extraterrestrial DNA. The light bearers came to seed their DNA here.

When I looked at your DNA I saw a filament of light in your DNA that most people do not have. So that is connected with this ability. That filament of light is connected with this ability to bring through that light language. When you can conceive that the glyphs don’t just work on the DNA, the DNA projects information based on its ability to receive and project light. When you think of it in terms of a holographic field, then you can understand that the glyphs that you are bringing in actually help bring high vibration light fields. The light fields helps resolve the dense energy that is light starved.

Message from the Mayan Oracle.

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Dr Jean – Channeled Message – to free up your soul – 18 July 2011

“To free up your soul, align your solar plexus with your pituitary gland and the pineal. Visualize the gradual opening of your heart chakra. Hold you hand over your heart. Tell your heart to free your soul of any density that is holding it back. Relax and see yourself as perfect in every way. You are Divine. You are Source energy. Never criticize yourself for anything.”

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(Channeled Message – 13 January 2010)

Source: “Allow yourself Divine pleasures such as drinking of the Light.”
Question: “Please explain.”
Source: “When you consecrate water, it is Divine. Consecrate it each day…. Allow enough time (for this). The elixir of Light is water. Hold on to that thought.”

Always bless your water. Write loving words on your water bottle. I have a large crock water dispenser. In it I have a set of sacred geometry crystals with the Five Platonic Shapes. These can be bought for less than $25 and even less than $10 on ebay.
When you seek out Light in others, you will see much improvement in yourself. …When you see perfection in yourself you will heal.
(««« End of Channeled Message »»»)

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(From a channeled message – 3 July 2011)

“Tell then not to see themselves with human weaknesses. They are Divine. They have the power to change the world. Theirs is one of challenge. It is difficult for them to see themselves as perfect because they are shown examples of disease. Sickness is a chosen outcome. There is no need for people to ever get sick. It is not necessary. People are dying because they do not believe in their power. Tell them to see themselves as perfect and they will be.”

The television and other news media are not your friends. They are programming you to believe that sickness is a normal part of life. This is not true. Remove yourself from the influence of this negative programming. Spend time in meditation and above all, know that you are a part of Source energy and the only limitation you have is that which you place upon yourself.

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(From a channeled message.)

Our present type of electricity is very harmful to the body. It causes premature aging of the skin and glands. Spend as much time as you can away from electricity. Protect yourself from the harmful effects of electricity. Products are available that can protect you in your home and empowered pendants can be worn to help you. Plastic plugs can be put in empty outlets to reduce random electrical current in your living space. Every morning hold your head up high and say to your self, “I surround myself with white light that is impenetrable by any outside frequencies or forces of energy that are not compatible with my body.” Stay focused on transferring energy out of the body that does not serve you. Use a glyph that is designed to restore molecular damaged skin, tissue and bone and to remove traces of old electromagnetic frequencies. These frequencies stay with the body unless they are discharged. Our homes are confinements of harmful energies.

In addition I was told electricity could cause the following: chronic fatigue, lassitude, congestion of the heart, feeling spacey or scattered, and in some can cause the hair to fall out.

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Unlocking the Power of Glyphs

The following post is from Jean Logan’s book “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs

Prayer glyphs are a form of spiritual energy, a language of Light. Each glyph invokes a powerful prayer directed at a specific thing for a specific purpose. It has been proven, many times over, that prayer heals. Much of the information for these glyphs was given to me by Source. I was told to write this book by Source. When I asked Source, “By what name should I call you in the book?” I was told, “By my name, Source Energy, God, Jehovah, Creator or Christ. It is all the same.

These glyphs are energized by Source, and highly evolved spiritual beings, during a sacred ceremony at a sacred site, high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The energy from the glyph, together with prayers and intentions of the user, form a strong bond that enhances the body’s ability to resolve inner-conflict, release negative patterns and mend old wounds. Every person is an extension of Source Energy and, therefore, is unlimited. As a part of our Source, there is nothing that, nor anyone who, can prevent us from achieving happiness, health and abundance for ourselves.

Using the Glyphs

When using these glyphs, it is important to focus on gratitude, because gratitude elevates our vibration and makes us more receptive to healing energies. Every morning, make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Focus on these thoughts and verbally release any negative emotions. Sound can be very helpful in releasing.

It is important to see ourselves as already free of any physical or emotional problems. Thinking about, or talking about our perceived problems only serves to re-create the negative energy patterns that prevent us from restoring ourselves to the perfect being we were created to be. See yourself the way you want to be; you will be guided in that direction. It is important to recognize that we create our own reality. Every thought creates a flow of energy. We can literally create, or draw to us, emotional or physical illness by our negative thinking. In the same manner, we can change that by elevating our thoughts to be more positive. This positive change in our attitude will create a powerful transformation. Although the glyphs can help us release emotions we are holding within us, they cannot prevent us from accumulating more unless we are willing to make these changes.

Start out by using one glyph at a time. Remember, you are working with energy. Don’t try to get too many things going at once. After you have used them for a while you can experiment. Some glyphs may work in just ten or fifteen minutes, but it is best if you can leave them on overnight. Glyph 4, Detoxification, and Glyph 10, Anti-Microbial, should always be left on overnight. All glyphs can, and should be used repeatedly. Many of the problems that are holding us back are buried deep within us — like the layers of an onion. You peel-off one layer at a time, revealing another one underneath. This continues until all the layers are removed. Be patient! It may take some time, but work with the glyphs. Sometimes you may feel something happening, especially if you are very sensitive to what is going on within your body. Other times you will not notice anything. That does not mean they are not working — the energy is very subtle. The longer you work with the glyphs, the better results you will achieve. You will find a generous supply of these glyphs in the manual, and they will prove to be very useful. Use a fabric tape or some type of medical tape to hold them in place. Experiment!

Although the energy from the glyphs will move throughout the body, often better results can be obtained from placing the glyph on the chakra of the area where the problem is located. A picture showing the location of the chakras is included else where in this blog (see: Locating the Chakras). These glyphs, as well as other types of energy healing, work best when the body is completely relaxed. Most of them can be used anywhere on the body. The emotional-release glyphs will be helpful on most of the chakras, and especially over organs and glands.

We can harbor emotional blockages anywhere, even in our feet and toes – a possible cause of corns, bunions, etc. Try putting the glyphs on the bottoms of your feet, where many reflexology and acupuncture meridian points are located. This is best done by covering a shoe insert with a sheet of the glyphs, taping-down the corners, then inserting this into a loose-fitting sock which is then worn throughout the night. If the sensation is too intense and keeps you from sleeping, remove them and try again another night. The intensity will decrease as negative emotions or toxins are removed from your body. Do not underestimate the importance of an affirmation or prayer. If you have a prayer or affirmation that feels better to you than the one in this manual, by all means say one that you think is meaningful to you. Sound is very effective in releasing pent up emotions.

Be sure to place the glyphs on the chakras on the back-side as well as the front-side — the chakras on the back-side may address past-life issues. When I was dowsing on which glyphs to use, I was frequently directed to place the Abundance glyph (Glyph #29) on various chakras on my back. I believe this was to remove vows of poverty, or other financially-restrictive blocks from past lives.

Arthritis and rheumatism are usually caused by an excessive build-up of anger and resentment. Often, good results can be obtained by placing a glyph on the chakra in the area where there is a problem, continuing then with detoxification glyphs. When we come to realize that we create our own reality, we find there is little cause for resentment.

Ensure that you drink plenty of water daily – at least sixty-four ounces. Coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages do not count — most of these are diuretics, as are some herbal teas. To perform at its best, the body needs to be well hydrated — dehydration may cause any number of health problems.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid the use of sugar, as it depresses the immune system and drains your energy. Also avoid the use of artificial sweeteners; they are toxic to the body and have the adverse effect of causing a craving for carbohydrates. Processed foods are empty calories and processed oils are toxic. Practice deep-breathing exercises — a person on a healing path requires plenty of oxygen.

Get plenty of exercise. Exercise relieves depression, and stimulates digestion. If you are one of those who hate to exercise, take up dancing or join a hiking club.

When possible, try to spend at least fifteen to twenty minutes in the sun per day. Strengthen your relationship with the Creator in whatever spiritual practice you find comfortable. Read good books compatible with your spiritual beliefs.

Release judgment of others. As we judge others, so are we judged by others. We hold our judgements within us, which will prevent us from healing. The one we judge most often is our own self. It is important that we not be so hard on ourselves. Love yourself, warts and all!

It is also important to love unconditionally. We find that to be most difficult when dealing with family members, close friends, etc. – those we deal with most often. We place expectations upon them, feeling they should live up to those expectations. Again, the one we have the most difficulty loving unconditionally is our own self – then how can we love others if we don’t love ourselves? Learn to practice acceptance when we are in a situation we cannot change. We don’t make mistakes, we don’t do things wrong; we learn from our life experiences. Remember, each of us is on our own spiritual path and we all have the right to make our own choices. We don’t need to concern ourselves with the choices that others make; we have no way of knowing what their path is.

Avoid criticism and complaining. These can attract, and hold, negative energies in your body. They can lead to illness, keeping you from manifesting what you desire. One good book to help you is, “Ask and it is Given,” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It will help explain a lot of the “cause and effect” we can change to bring more harmony into our lives.

Work to resolve fear-related problems. Fear is like a magnet, it attracts to you whatever it is that you may fear. As I look back, I realize that my entire life was controlled by fear. You name it; I was afraid of it — insects, water, traveling in an airplane. I was afraid to go anywhere, do anything or have any fun. As I slowly released all my pent-up emotions, I found my life expanding into many new areas.

Another great way to release suppressed emotions is by tapping on various acupuncture points while verbally making a statement about the problem being released. The use of the motion of tapping plus the sound of your voice is very powerful. This technique was pioneered by Dr. Roger Callahan and others and is called by different names including Emotional Thought Field Therapy and Acutapping.

Other resources for this method are two great books, ”Instant Emotional Healing,”by Peter Lambrou and George Pratt and, “Freedom From Fear Forever,” by James Durlasher. The book “Right Use of Will – Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body,” received by Ceanne DeRohan, stresses the importance of sound and movement in release work.

Glyphs may be used on pets. Our dog, Roscoe, is afraid of thunder and lightening — he trembles and shakes at the slightest rumble in the distance. He would awaken us any time there was a storm at night. My husband calmed him by lying down with him on the guestroom bed. I put the glyph for fear on his back solar plexus and he fell asleep without a problem. He continues to awaken my husband to come sleep with him whenever there is a storm, but he no longer trembles. I think he just has my husband trained.

Putting a piece of tape over the glyph on an animal’s back will help to keep it in place. Glyphs are best used when a pet is sleeping. A picture showing various chakra locations on a dog is included else where in this blog (see: Locating the Chakras). The chakras for cats can be found in the same locations as they are found on dogs.

One of the most exquisite results of using these glyphs is the ability to remove inhibitions – sexual, and otherwise. I can attest to this myself. My childhood was a veritable minefield of taboos — I had more sexual inhibitions than an auditorium full of nuns (sorry Sisters, just joking). After continued use of the glyphs, you will find that you can assault your lover with wild abandon. It’s so great “doing it,” with the lights on! You can enjoy touching and being touched. You don’t need to keep your naked body hidden; you will feel beautiful even without clothing. And, you can wail and moan to your heart’s delight, as long as you don’t disturb the neighbors, or frighten their dogs. These glyphs can save a lot of marriages.

A friend of mine living in Peru, has a housekeeper who contracted Dengue Fever, and had been in the hospital over a week. I e-mailed Glyph 10, Anti-Bacterial, to him. He printed them and took prints to the hospital. He placed one page of them on her back, over the back of the heart chakra; then he put an individual glyph on both her front solar plexus and her front heart chakra. The next morning her temperature returned to normal, and she was released from the hospital the following day. She told one of the nurses about the glyph, and she was accused of practicing voodoo.

Another friend, one who was experiencing intense anguish after discovering her husband was having an affair with another woman, found relief from her trauma by stacking the Trust, Abandonment, Depression, Fear, Anxiety, Anger, and Sadness glyphs on top of each other, then taping them over her heart chakra.

In another instance, a case of scabies was resolved by taping the glyph for parasites over the affected area.

One of my contact lenses caused me to experience an eye infection, it was oozing and red. I placed an Anti-Microbial glyph over the eye for a few hours and the infection was resolved. I am stating this as my experience and not advising anyone to do the same. I am not advising the use of the glyphs for any serious medical problems or conditions. Seek medical treatment for serious illnesses.

I found very effective relief from an itchy eye, caused by seasonal allergies, when I placed a strip of the Detoxification glyphs on the front of the shin bone — over what will feel like a crevice — of the opposite leg. It may sound strange, but remember, everything is connected.

I just developed the glyph for insect bites which I added at the last moment. I received a very painful sting on my back, probably a wasp or yellow jacket. I immediately went in and used the glyph for insect bites and was amazed how quick it worked. The sooner it is used the better. In all cases, seek medical attention for life threatening situations including snake bites. Although the glyph was programmed for this, it has never been tested. Rattlesnakes and water moccasins are deadly so don’t take any chances.

When I was troubled with sneezing, and a runny nose, caused by seasonal allergies, I obtained considerable relief by putting glyph number four, Detoxification, on the ajna chakra, then one under each eye on the cheek bone. Needless to say, this is not something that you will want to wear when going out in public, but it was very effective; allowing me to get a good night’s sleep, or while working around the house. The real resolution is to strengthen the immune system.

A page of Glyph 4, Detoxification, placed over the abdomen, relieved symptoms of digestive distress caused by certain foods. The Detoxification glyphs are also very helpful in relieving pain from sore muscles due to over-exertion — simply place a strip of the glyphs over the sore area.

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Healing Viruses

This article was first published in part in “Explore!” magazine, Volume 18, Number 3, 2009, page 59, which shows the picture of a glyph.

On Saturday night Beverly Allen noticed that her little dog Belle was lying on the floor acting very strange. She picked her up and she was drooling excessively. She said the water was just running out of her mouth, her nose was warm, her eyes were glazed and she was disoriented. She and her companion knew they could not find a vet on Saturday evening. She saw the glyph book lying nearby. She cut out three of the Anti-Bacterial glyphs and following the drawing in the book she put one on the back of Belle’s solar plexus, one on her crown chakra and one on the back of her neck. She stated she could hardly hear the dog’s heart beat and her breathing was very shallow. She lay down in bed holding her. About 1:30 in the morning Belle jumped up. Her eyes looked bright, her nose was cold and she seemed very perky and completely well. The next day she was as if she had never been sick. This is not an isolated occurrence. This glyph has shown itself to be successful in treating infections and viral illnesses many times over. All we need is to overcome the ignorance that keeps remarkable healing powers in the dark. What makes this glyph different from other alternative healing methods is that it gets its ability from the power of intention and prayer. We have always known that prayer works. If we doubt the power of intention and the power of prayer, it is nothing more than an indication of our own weakness. If we believe in our ability manifest a healing, nothings can stop us.

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Real Health Care Reform

Real Health Care Reform must include Alternative Healing and Freedom of Choice.

The debate over Health Care is one that is totally missing the mark. True health care reform must be in the best interests and desires of the people who are paying for that health care. Every year greater numbers of those people are seeking out alternative healing. Sadly they have to pay for it out of their pocket even when they have insurance because the present medical establishment has blocked the admission of the many successful noninvasive methods that have been proven to be effective. Many of these methods outperform traditional treatment at a fraction of the cost. It is time the people are allowed to have their rights given back to them by allowing them a choice in the procedures they elect in order to restore and maintain vibrant health. It is time they also had a voice in what their insurance will pay for. Right now this is being controlled by drug companies and a medical establishment that reaps the benefits while not always providing care that achieves true healing. Prescription drug overdoses or abuse are now the second leading causes of accidental death in the United States and we will never know how many people have been permanently harmed.

It is also time we included nutritional education in prevention that stresses the importance of natural foods that are truly healing and not one that is dictated by industry. At the present time far too much of our health care is little more than pill peddling and surgical intervention that might be prevented if alternative methods and dietary changes are available in a healing format. Exercise is given minimal attention until the occurrence of serious medical challenges when it should be stressed as imperative from the very beginning of any prevention program. Please understand I am not disparaging all western medicine. When it comes to treatment of serious trauma, nothing surpasses the abilities and the success rate of our traditional medical teams. But this success could be even greater if alternative methods were allowed to work alongside traditional treatment.

For many years the success of homeopathy, herbs, nutritional therapy, sound and color therapy, energy healing along with many others, have been keep out of the mainstream. The pioneers in these fields have been ridiculed, jailed and even exterminated in an attempt to silence them and suppress their respective highly effective healing methods but their voices live on, carried along by their followers that refuse to let this valuable information die, improving on the original teachings. These alternative approaches need to be allowed into the mainstream and their numerous success stories admitted as successful research. Until that time we will fall far short of true health care reform and the drug companies will continue to control where our health care dollars go.

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