“Teddy Bear” Remote Healing

Jessie and her Teddy Bear

Last Tuesday my dog Jessie came in from outside holding her left front paw up. When she tried to step on it, she was obviously in great pain and it was starting to swell. She looked at me pleadingly to help her. I gave her one tablet of traumeel for the pain. I used Glyph #73, Tissue and Bone Repair remotely (from “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs“) and tried gently to put a cloth bandage imprinted with the frequency of Glyph #70 lightly around her leg. She kept moving and taking it off. I then gave her 2 drops of Bach Rescue Remedy and 8 drops of Valerian. She finally settled down under my desk. I put the bandage on a Teddy Bear and INTENDED the frequency be transferred to Jessie. She slept well all night.

The next morning she was still in some pain and I had to help her down the stairs supporting her with a harness. She went out to go potty then came in and slept all day. About 3:00 pm she got up and was walking normally. After dinner she went for a walk with Roscoe (my other dog) and was even trotting down the hill with us.

Remote healing works! Was it a sprain, an insect bite or what??? I will never know!

Dr. Jean

About Dr Jean

Jean Logan is an ordained minister, has a doctorate in Holistic Nutritional Healing, and is a student of many types of energy healing including Pranic Healing, Body Talk, Reiki and Emotional Thought Field Therapy. She is the author of “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs” and has been a conscious channel for many years. All proceeds from sales of “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs” will go to fund children's educational programs in impoverished countries. A professional speaker, Dr. Logan can be contacted for speaking engagements through her website. The book is available at Amazon.com, any new thought bookstore, or www.holygroundfarm.org/book/
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One Response to “Teddy Bear” Remote Healing

  1. Hi Jean,
    I am looking for assistance for my cat. Malachi is 18 months old and extremely fearful and just gets worse and worse. Over Christmas I adopted a “handicapped” kitten with three legs, and Malachi has become very fearful of the kitten and of anyone besides me. The situation deteriorated so badly by last weekend that I had to take Mal to the vet in Asheville Saturday night … turns out he was very constipated, losing weight, etc. At this point he is in my upstairs master bedroom/bathroom in solitude. After three days of this, he was pretty calm, so I let him out last night for a little while … now he is swinging from the ceiling again, back in the bedroom, freaking out. Any ideas of glyphs that might help?
    Blessings & Namaste’ in the New Year!

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